How to Fill a Nail Hole in a Textured Wall

What You'll Need
Joint compound mixture
Putty knife
Textured paint

Filling a nail hole on a textured wall is a project that many homeowners will have to undertake at some point. Whether you are moving pictures on the wall or changing addresses, at some point you will have to fill a nail. Here are the basics of how to fill a nail hole on a textured wall effectively.

Step 1 - Fill the Hole

Fill the hole with a joint compound mixture. This can be purchased at any home supply store or hardware store and it usually comes premixed. You can apply this mixture with a putty knife to the hole. Make sure that the hole is sufficiently filled with a mixture. Then allow the mixture to dry until it is hardened.

Step 2 - Sand the Area

Once you have filled the hole, you need to sand down the rough edges with sandpaper. Get it back to a level surface to work with.

Step 3 - Paint the Area

After you have sanded down the area, you should be able to paint it now. Use a textured paint that is a match for what you have on the wall and paint it with a paintbrush. Then allow it to dry before use.