How to Fill Concave Drywall Tape Seams

What You'll Need
Putty or spackle
Putty knife
Sand paper

When using drywall tape you will often find that you are left with seams that need to be filled in. Thankfully, there is an easy way to do this on your own. Here is a quick step by step guide to filling the seams on drywall tape. 

Step 1 - Fill Hole 

You can use putty or spackle to fill the hole in. Many times it gets applied as a certain color, and then it turns white when it is fully dried. This is beneficial because sanding spackle before it dries is a nightmare. All you need to do is use a putty knife to fill in the hole and then allow it to dry for the allotted time, or until the spackle turns white. 

Step 2 - Sand 

Once it has dried and changed colors, you can sand it down. If you begin sanding and realize that it is sticking to the paper, stop immediately and let it dry for a few more hours. You should see dust coming off as you work if it has dried properly. Sand until the entire area is level and you have covered the hole completely.