How to Fill Holes in Concrete Basement Floors

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
A hammer
A chisel
A vacuum
A bucket
A sponge
Concrete adhesive
Concrete patch material
A 2x4 post
A trowel

Holes in concrete basement floors can be filled, but you have to repair the concrete first. This step will make the patched hole a more permanent solution.

Removing the Broken Concrete Pieces

Use a hammer and chisel to break all of the loose concrete pieces free from the flooring.

Removing Small Loose Particles

Use the vacuum to remove all of the loose concrete particles. Fill a bucket with warm water. Immerse the sponge in the bucket. Squeeze out any excess water. Use the sponge to clean the hole in the concrete floor. Allow the area time to dry.

Applying the Concrete Adhesive

Read the instructions provided with the concrete adhesive. Apply the concrete adhesive to the inside of the hole.

Mixing the Concrete Patch Solution

Read the instructions for the concrete patch material. Mix the material according to the directions.

Applying the Concrete Patch Mixture

Fill the hole in the concrete with the patch mixture. Be sure the mixture fills all of the crevices. Drag the 2x4 post across the patch mixture to level it. Use the trowel to smooth the surface of the mixture.

Curing the New Concrete

Allow the concrete patch mixture at least twenty-four hours to cure.