How to Fill in Irish Moss Ground Cover

Irish moss requires well drained, moist soil, and is tolerant of semi-shaded locations even though it prefers full sunlight. This article will present you with some helpful tips about growing Irish moss and how to use it for cover. It is not a difficult plant to grow and offers many distinct benefits.

Plant Spacing

Irish moss should be planted about 6 inches apart which will allow the plants and their root system to expand without interference from other plants. Though sparse at first, once the plants begin to grow they will expand quickly and fill in the area between each Irish moss plant.

Mulching and Fertilizer

Sagina subulata should be fertilized with compost. You can use compost as a mulch, but take care not to cover the plants but only the ground around them. Irish moss is not especially fragile, but it is not tolerant to being covered over.

Irish Moss Ground Cover

Irish moss is good for planting on banks or the sides of ditches where erosion is a problem. It grows quickly and provides protection to the soil. Where many garden plants grow upwards, Irish moss spreads out, adding even more ground cover as it grows.