How to Fill Your Tires with a Consumer Air Compressor

What You'll Need
Air Compressor
Air Hose
Flat tire

If you find that your tires are flat and that you are going to be unable to get to a gas station, you can simply use a manual air compressor at home to get the job done. With the assembly of a few items, you can have your air compressor up and running, and your tires full of air. 

Step 1 – Set up the Air Compressor

Simply follow the instruction manual that is included with the air compressor. Ensure that each step is follow correctly so that you will not run into any issues.

Step 2 – Attach Your Air Hose

Attach your air hose to your compressor and be sure to include the quick coupler on the end. This will allow you secure the compressor to your tire.

Step 3 – Secure It to Your Tire

Now secure the hose to your tire, and activate the machine. Many compressors will have gauges on them so that you can be sure that you are neither over inflating nor under inflating your tire. It is important to remember, not to walk away from the air compressor as it is working. If you are not watching the gauge on your compressor, you run the risk of over inflating your tire and causing it to burst. This is a very dangerous situation and you do not want to damage the tires.