How to Find and Fix a Pond Leak

What You'll Need
Milk (optional)
Sand (optional)
Liner patching kit or a scrap of liner and caulking

It can be great fun to create a pond on your property but what happens when you get a pond leak? Although leaks don’t tend to happen very often, you need to be prepared by knowing how to deal with this type of situation. 


Step 1: Determine Where the Leak is coming from

When there is a leak in a pond, it is most likely to be located in the liner. There are a few of ways of determining where the leak is, though. 

First, check the water line. This may be the only thing that you have to do because most leaks tend to occur around this particular area. Milk or sand can be poured into the pond to trace the leak. Look for a trail to lead you to the place where the link is located. 

The pond can be completely drained of water for a closer inspection of the liner. This means that the pond will have to be fully refilled later on. 

A better solution, and perhaps the easiest way to find a leak, is to do nothing! Simply pay attention to what is happening with the pond. Check it intermittently throughout the day until the water level is no longer going down. The draining may take place over a period of time, so patience will be needed. When the water stops, you should be able to look around the pond and determine where the leak is. Be careful not to tear the lining around creases and folds. If this method is used to find a leak, it may not be necessary to refill the entire pond. 

Step 2: Patch the Leaky Liner

Fixing a leaky liner is easy. Once you have found the leak, clean the surrounding area very well and allow it to dry thoroughly. 

There are two simple ways to fix a leaky pond liner.

One method is to use a store purchased kit and apply the patch according to package directions. With this method the patch is held on by placing the sticky side over the hole in the liner. 

Another method of fixing a leaky pond liner is to use a scrap of the liner and caulking. Clean the area well and allow to dry. Sand the area lightly in order to create an area for the caulk to adhere to. Apply the caulking to one side of the scrap liner and place that side over the hole. Put strong pressure on the scrap patch for a minute or 2 and then remove the caulking that has been pushed out around the edges. Let the patch dry for 48 hours before refilling the pond with water. 

While it may take a while to find the leak, fixing the problem is easy and is not time consuming. This job can be performed by one person, and once it is done, you should not have to patch that area again.