How to Find Cheap Patio Chairs

Instead of wasting money on patio furniture you will barely use, why not find some cheap patio chairs for those times when you need some extra seating? It does not make sense to spend your hard-earned cash on expensive chairs when you could find the same quality for half the price. Keep reading for some tips on finding cheap patio chairs.

Buy Used

Used chairs are always significantly reduced in price. The key is your own personal inspection of the product. When thinking about buying a used chair, look closely at it for any marks or stains that are obvious or would be obvious to guests. Also, test the durability and comfort of the chair by sitting down in it and making sure there are no structural problems. If it’s a folding chair, open and close it a few times to be sure it functions correctly. Aside from the super cheap prices, another advantage of buying used chairs is that you are probably buying an item that is no longer in production. So many chairs are manufactured that, if you buy used, you are probably getting a unique chair that very few others have. By shopping for used chairs, you may find unique patterns, designs and styles that are no longer manufactured. It’s a great way to add your own personal touch and style to your patio.

Used Item Store

Many organizations and companies have store locations completely dedicated to paying people for their used items and selling those items to shoppers. Places like Good Will receive new items each day that are inspected and then put on the floor. Visit a local used item store and look around their used furniture section for some unique used chairs.


Although you can’t test the chairs, you can often find affordable new and used patio chairs online. Whether you use eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon, you can find ultra cheap patio chairs in all kinds of styles for very affordable prices. You will probably have to pay for shipping, but the internet offers more variety than anything else. You can explore hundreds of different web sites, sift through thousands of unique new and used patio chairs, and make your decision in the privacy of your own home.

Department Stores

For cheap new patio chairs that haven’t been used, visit your local department store such as Wal-Mart or Target. They will have affordably made, affordably priced patio chairs in different colors and styles that will fit your budget as well as the look of your patio. This is a great way to save some cash while also acquiring brand new patio chairs.

Flea Market

Since it is a large jumble of different items, your are bound to find some new or probably used patio chairs for a steal of a price.

Pawn Shops

People who are just trying to quickly get rid of extra items around their homes, such as old or unused patio chairs, often take a trip to the pawn shop. You may even be able to haggle your way to a cheaper price.