How to Find Cheap Thermal Drapes Online How to Find Cheap Thermal Drapes Online

What You'll Need
A computer with internet access

Thermal drapes aren’t just for winter, they’re also a great way to cut down on sunlight in your home during hot summer months. These drapes can cut down your heating and cooling costs by adding extra insulation to your windows. However, thermal drapes can be expensive. Here are some steps to follow to find cheap thermal drapes.

Step 1 – Begin Your Search

To find thermal drapes online, it’s best to use broad search queries and narrow further as you go. Rather than type out, “black thermal drapes 60x45 inch double panel,” you should try to stick with “thermal curtains” and see if sellers have your drapes in different colors and sizes available to you.

There are many search engines with "shopping" options or tabs that will help with your search query.

Step 2 – Sort Your Results By Price

At this point you should see the first 10 or 20 of all the options available to you. To view by price, starting from the lowest, you should click the pull down menu that says “Sort by” which allows you to change how you see your results. Choose “price” and you will see the cheapest places to buy thermal curtains online.

Step 3 - Online store shopping

Go directly to store websites to check prices and availability for cheap thermal drapes. Some of the stores you can search are Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, AJ Wright, Big Lots, Anna’s Linens, Old Time Pottery (and other pottery/home décor stores), and even thrift stores like Goodwill.

Use a search engine, but instead of shopping results, which will encourage you to use eBay and shop online, you can search for linen stores in your area. Repeat the process as before, but search for “discount linens” followed by your zip code. This can give you results as to who in your area sells these drapes.

eBay and other auction sites are great tools to use to find cheap thermal drapes, but as the company separates price and shipping, it’s always best to try to find ways around paying more for shipping. As always, be careful when hunting for bargains—you may end up with something you didn’t want in the first place.

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