How To Find Discount Fertilizer Spreader Parts

When parts wear out on your fertilizer spreader, buying replacement parts is often more expensive than replacing the whole machine. Use the following suggestions to search for discount replacement parts.

Search Classified Ads and Farm Liquidations

The local newspaper or will have ads for used equipment in your area. You may even find someone giving away a fertilizer spreader that you can salvage parts from. You’ll want to be certain that the salvaged parts are in better shape than the parts you’re replacing. Another place to search is a farm auction website like to find new and used farm equipment and parts being sold at a discount or to post your own parts wanted ad.

Internet Comparison Shopping

The low cost of overhead for Internet-only stores allows many distributors to sell replacement parts for fertilizer spreaders like a tailgate spreader or salt sand spreader at a discount compared to a local retailer. Compare prices online and figure in shipping costs before you buy.

When it’s time to replace parts on your fertilizer spreader, use the Internet and local classified ads to find discount new or used parts for your fertilizer spreader.