How to Find Engine Repair Classes How to Find Engine Repair Classes

Whether you are an aspiring mechanic or just someone who wants to do your own car repairs you will want to locate an engine repair class that is suited to your needs and geared towards your style of learning. All you need is a little time to do some research and decide which direction you want to pursue.

Check Out Online Resources

It is possible to take an Internet-based class on engine repair. The advantages of searching out and taking an online class is that you can take the course in your own home and you are able to review material from previous lessons. You can also pace yourself based on how quickly you learn the material and on how much time you have.

The disadvantage to taking an online engine repair course is that it lacks direct contact with the instructor and other students and you don't have the tactile experience of working on an engine with feedback from an instructor. If you are someone that learns by doing, this is not the best option for you.

Research Local Vocational Technical Schools

Many local vocational schools provide automotive courses including engine repair. These classes may be independent of the degree oriented programs. Visit a vocational school in your area and speak to one of the admissions or course coordinators. They will be able to point you in the right direction as to which course is best for your needs. These types of courses take place in a shop environment and will afford you hands-on experience.

Talk to Local Colleges

Many local colleges offer non-degree courses in different areas. Make a list of all the colleges around your home or work and spend some time researching their websites or calling and asking them if they offer engine repair classes. You will be surprised to learn that many of these colleges offer daytime or evening classes that will help you acquire skills in different areas, such as engine repair.

Speak with Local Auto Repair Mechanics

Another resource is local automotive repair mechanics. Licensed mechanics must keep abreast of changes and advances in the automotive field. They are required to attend ongoing classes to renew their licenses. Talk to them and ask them to point you in the right direction. Some automotive mechanics will even hold private classes for either a nominal fee or for an exchange of information. Better yet, you may find an automotive mechanic that also teaches at a local college and will give you a tutorial on the side.

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