How to Find the Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner How to Find the Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner

A steam vacuum cleaner is one of a newer type of cleaner for the home. Steam cleaners of various kinds have become more common in recent years. The heat of steam loosens dirt and can kill dust mites and other tiny things that cause allergies. Then the steam evaporates away, leaving a clean surface with no chemical residue on it. This is healthier than sprays and liquid cleaners. Steam vacuum cleaners are even more powerful, though it is actually heated water that they use more than steam. They force hot water into carpet fibers and then suck the water back up again, bringing dirt with it. This type of machine has a tank for clean water and another for dirty water. They are often rented, but more and more people are finding it worthwhile to own one.

Features to Look For

  • A Powerful Brush System
  • Water Heater
  • Good Suction
  • Large Water Tanks
  • A Long Power Cord

Using the Brush

A powered brush that beats the carpet and loosens dirt will make it easier for the water to pick up the dirt and for the vacuum to suck it up. The better the brush is, the more dirt will be removed.

Hot Water Does the Work

The hotter the water, the more effective it will be in sanitizing the carpet and killing mites. It is not really steam, but hot water that does the work in a steam vacuum cleaner.

Powerful Suction and Fast Drying

The vacuum part, the suction, is important. It needs to suck up water and dirt, leaving the carpet only a little damp. If the suction is good, the carpet should dry fairly quickly.

Size of Water Tanks Allows More Work

The size of the water tanks effects how large an area can be cleaned before the clean water has to be refilled and the dirty water has to be emptied. The tanks should be large enough that a good sized room can be cleaned without stopping.

Long Power Cord Keeps Plug Dry

The power cord should be long enough to plug in in another room. This means the plug is away from the damp carpet and tanks of water. This creates more safety for the operator of the steam vacuum cleaner.

A good steam cleaner can save money compared to hiring professional carpet cleaning companies. Or they can be used between professional cleanings to keep the carpets in better shape than just running a regular vacuum cleaner over them. Using a regular vacuum makes carpets look better but eventually they will need a thorough steam cleaning to stay in good condition.

When using a steam cleaner of any kind, be careful not to touch hot steam or water. Follow safety instructions. Steam vacuum cleaners can sometimes be used on hard floors but may have a special setting for that purpose. Let carpets dry before walking on them.

A steam vacuum cleaner is useful for deep cleaning carpets. When used properly, they should extend the life of carpets and reduce allergens in the home.

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