How to Find the Diameter of an Exhaust Pipe

Knowing how to measure the diameter of an exhaust pipe can be very handy especially if you want to install a custom exhaust for your car. A custom exhaust will add the much needed horsepower to your engine. Here are simple steps in determining the diameter of an exhaust pipe.

Materials Needed:

Any type of Calliper
Car Jack
Car Jack Stands

Step 1-Lift the Car

To easily access the exhaust pipe, lift your car using a jack and secure with jack stands. Adjust the jack and the jack stands so that you will have enough room as you crawl beneath the car.

Step 2-Look for the Exhaust Pipe

Look for the exhaust pipe that you want to measure.

Step 3-Use the Caliper

Once you have located the exhaust pipe that you want to measure, use the calliper. To do this, open the calliper and position it straight into the mouth of the exhaust tubing. Next, close the callipers until it is in full contact with the inside surface of the exhaust pipe.

Step 4- Read the Measurements

Read the measurements. Doing this depends on the type of callipers that you are using. There are callipers with a digital or a dial gauge. Your exhaust tubing is the measurement in your gauge rounded up to the next quarter.