How to Finish a Porch Ceiling with Beadboard Panels

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Nail Gun
Miter saw
Ceiling Trim

If you want to add a little more decoration to your outside porch ceiling, then one alternative is to choose to use beadboard panelling. This is a very thin type of plank, designed rather like smaller wooden boards, which can be installed very quickly and easily. These beadboards can make a great deal of difference to an aging porch ceiling, and done correctly, they can add to the value of your house. In order to correctly install beadboard, you need to have some home improvement tools, and some simple instructions which you can follow.

Step 1 - Measure the Porch Ceiling

Start by measuring the area that you wish to decorate. You will need to have a tape measure, a pencil or pen, and something to write on. You may also need a step ladder, depending upon how tall you are. You should then locate the ceiling joists above your porch, and then measure the distance between them, so that if the joists were going north to south, you would go east to west. Make careful note of all the measurements that you obtain, and make sure that you know exactly where each particular measurement came from.

Step 2 - Cut the Beadboard

Use your tape measure to transfer the lengths from the porch ceiling to the beadboard planks. Mark on them using your pencil, and then use the miter saw to cut them down to size. For this type of cutting, you will need to have your miter saw blade at a 90 degree angle, which will produce straight cuts. Repeat this for all of the beadboard planks, until you have enough to cover the porch ceiling.

Step 3 - Install the Beadboard

Take your first piece of beadboard, and push it up to the ceiling. Start at 1 side, so that it is going across the joists, just the same way that you measured. Make sure that you place the grooved side so that it faces the wall, and that there is a small gap along this line. Nail the board in place, by driving flooring nails into the board, 2 on each place where the beadboard and ceiling joists line up.

Step 4 - Continuing the Installation

Once you have fitted the first piece of beadboard, line up the others along the same angle. Take your second piece of board, and press it onto the groove of the first plank. Push them together firmly, until you hear the sound of them joining, and then secure the beadboard by placing several nails along the joint. Repeat this process, until you have covered the whole of your porch ceiling with beadboard.

Step 5 - Cutting off the Ceiling Trim

Take the ceiling trim, which is a thin edge of board which is used to hide the joint around the edge of the ceiling. Take the first piece, and make 2 45 degree angles at the ends. Install this into the end of your beadboard, and then slide the second piece of the trim against it. Mark the angle that you need to cut, and then trim this down until it fits together with the first piece.