How to Finish a Wood Table for Indoor Use How to Finish a Wood Table for Indoor Use

If you want to finish a wood table for indoor use, you need to know what products are necessary to finish. This guide has a list of products and supplies, application instructions, and helpful tips on applying wood finish. 

Products and Supplies

    • 1 quart brush-able sanding sealer
    • 1 quart varnish
    • 1-150 grit sanding pad
    • 2 1/2 inch oil paint brush
    • plastic drop cloth
    • 1 roll 1 inch masking tape
    • 1 quart mineral spirits

                Step 1: Preparation of Work Space

                Decide where you will be working and lay out the plastic drop cloth to cover flooring. Using your masking tape, tack down the drop cloth every few feet to prevent it from shifting.

                Step 2: Preparation of Wood Table

                If your table has expansion leafs, remove and finish seperately. Remove dust, then apply sanding sealer beginning with the legs, then skirting, tabletop, and leafs. Allow sealer to dry according to product label. Sand all surfaces, and then dust and wipe down to remove sanding dust.

                Step 3: Applying Finish

                Apply varnish to the legs first, then apply to skirting followed by a heavy coat to the tabletop and leaves. Allow to dry and then apply another coat in the same order as before.

                Finishing a wood table can be accomplished quite easily and does not require a lot of painting knowledge. Knowing the products and the order in which to apply them is the biggest part of your job.

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