How to Finish a Wooden Kids Table

What You'll Need
Non-toxic varnish
Newspapers or drop cloth

A wooden kids table is an ideal surface for a child to play, eat or work, which will require you to finish the table in a safe and non-toxic way. Following a few steps will enable you to complete the task to ensure that it is safe to use.

Step 1 – Sand

The first step necessary is to prepare the wooden kids table by undertaking any necessary repair work. Ensure that any fasteners are properly secured before tidying the surface with the use of sandpaper. Use a dry cloth to clean away the excess dust.

Step 2 – Clean

Follow this by cleaning the wooden kids table with a cloth that has been slightly dampened with water. This will ensure that you remove any of the dust that results from the sanding process. Leave it to dry before proceeding.  

Step 3 – Varnish

Ensure that the varnish you use is water based, which will ensure that you can obtain a durable finish that will not be harmful. Place the wooden kids table on top of newspapers or a drop cloth and apply the varnish with a paintbrush. Use long strokes to ensure an even application and allow the first coat to dry before applying another.