How to Finish a Wooden Picnic Table

A wooden picnic table.
What You'll Need
Sanding sealant
Wood stain

A wooden picnic table is a fun dining venue on weekends. However, wooden picnic tables are exposed to outdoor elements most of the year and need extra protection. One way to protect your wooden picnic table from outdoor elements is to apply a finishing. By following these steps you can finish the table in no time.

Step 1 - Use Sandpaper

Smooth the surface of the picnic table using fine sandpaper. Start at the table top and sand in a circular motion until you get a relatively smooth and even surface.

Step 2 - Apply Sanding Sealant

With a paintbrush, apply a sanding sealant on the surface of your picnic table and dry for 30 minutes. Sand the picnic table again using the procedure in Step 1.

Step 3 - Apply Wood Stain

A picnic table.

After sanding, apply a coating of wood stain on the picnic table using a fresh paintbrush. For a lighter wood stain, apply only one or two coats of wood stain. For a darker wood stain, apply additional coats until you are satisfied with the hue of the stain. Make sure to allow enough drying time between each coating of wood stain.

Step 4 - Remove Excess Stain

Check your picnic table for excess stain and remove any by sanding. Excess stain often accumulates at the end pieces and corners of your picnic table.

Step 5 - Finish

Apply a polyurethane finish on your picnic table using another fresh paintbrush. Apply two or more coatings to protect your picnic table from outdoor elements such as rain or direct exposure to sunlight.