How to Finish Ceramic Tile Floors

What You'll Need
Muriatic acid
Water and pail
Eye goggles, heavy duty gloves and mask
Soft bristled brush
Grout remover
Tile sealer
Clean cloth

Unlike other kinds of flooring material, ceramic tile floors are less resilient, especially under heavy traffic. This is why regular maintenance is necessary for keeping your tile floors on their top condition. For the best protection, finish and seal your ceramic floor tiles using the steps below.

Step 1 – Remove Tile Stains

Although your ceramic tile floor looks seamless, it’s actually quite porous. For this reason, when you spill something on your ceramic tile floor and you take too long to clean it up, the spill might end up penetrating your tiles and it cleaning it up eventually becomes really hard.

The first thing you should do is to clean up the discoloration using household bleach. Let the bleach soak up the tiles for a few minutes and then start scrubbing. If there are still stains after that, you should use a more aggressive cleaner.

Muriatic acid is a famous deep stain cleaner which has been used for the longest time now. However, its strength makes it really toxic which is why if you decide to use it, make sure that the entire room is well ventilated. Use protective goggles, heavy duty gloves, and a mask when you’re dealing with the chemical. Remember, it is highly corrosive. The dilution should be 4 parts acid to 6 parts water. As a rule of thumb, always add the acid to the water.

Use the diluted muriatic acid to rinse of stains with the use of a soft bristled brush (an old toothbrush will work just fine). Rinse everything right away when you’re done and discard the remaining solution properly.

Step 2 – Clean the Grout Stains

Muriatic acid can easily remove grout stains. But if you’ve already tried diluted muriatic acid and the stain is still very much visible, your only recourse is to add new grout. To remove the existing grout, use a grout remover which can be found in any hardware store. Remove the grout using the instructions found in the remover. You will know that you’re done because an indentation will be present where the grout used to be.

Purchase a pack of grout with the same color as the grout that you have. Follow the instructions in the grout package and then apply the grout into the cavity using your gloved fingers. When you’re done, use a wet sponge to clean everything up. Simply wait for the grout to dry up before doing anything.

Step 3 – Apply Tile Sealers

To maximize the resistance of your ceramic tiles to scratches, apply tile sealers once every four years. Before you apply tile sealers, visually inspect the floor for any dirt. Clean up the entire floor for stains and other visible marks. Once done, apply the sealer to the entire floor with the use of a mop and let everything dry. Buff the floor with the use of a clean cloth once everything has dried up.