How to Finish Concrete Flooring How to Finish Concrete Flooring

What You'll Need
Epoxy sealant
Extended paint roller
Roller sleeves

If you're looking for advice on how to finish concrete, you're in luck. Concrete flooring doesn't require a lot of work to finish unless you're looking to do it in a decorative way. The following will provide you some tips on how to finish your concrete floor.


Step 1 – Finish Pouring Concrete

The first step in this process is to finish pouring your concrete floor and making it even. If you wish to make design changes, now is the time to do it. Don’t wait until the floor hardens completely before you decide you don’t like how it looks. If you want to stamp the floor with something like a leaf pattern or shoe prints, do it while the concrete is wet.

Also, if you wanted to texturize the floor for the sake of traction, doing so while the cement is wet is crucial because you can’t really add anything to the floor after it’s poured and dried.

Step 2 – Mix Epoxy and Apply

Next, you need to mix your epoxy sealant and apply it to your floor. If you want to use a tint for your epoxy, now’s the time to add it. Put the two liquids together and let them react, stirring them constantly. After they’ve warmed up and the consistency is the same, pour puddles of it onto the floor and push it with your roller.

Spread and roll the epoxy sealant all around, staying as uniform in your coat as possible. Allow the epoxy to flow into nooks and crannies; you’re better off with a fully sealed floor rather than one that shines like glass or acrylic.

Step 3 – Let It Dry

No one really likes to watch epoxy dry. So find something else to do for the 12 to 24 hour period it takes for the epoxy sealant to dry on your newly-poured cement floor.

Step 4 – Clean Up

Now that your epoxy is on the ground, you should run a cloth mop over it to make sure that your floor is completely clean of any residue or chemicals that might be on the surface of your epoxy. Just use plain water and a mop—after a while you can start using a cleaner like Simple Green to deal with dirt. Until then, you don’t have to deal with chemicals at all if you’re not feeling up to it.

Mop the entire floor twice, move your furniture back, then you’re finished! Finishing a concrete floor is easy, gives you limitless style and design options, and saves you a lot of money on expensive things like marble, granite, and stone floors. Concrete will even mimic travertine floors if you want it to.

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