How to Finish Grooved Plywood Siding How to Finish Grooved Plywood Siding

What You'll Need
Desired Finish
Spray Gun

A popular finish material for homes today is grooved plywood siding. While it has been a staple for sheds, outbuildings, and garages for many years, some homeowners are using it for a more unique look to the outside of their home. One reason for this is that it can be installed directly over the existing clapboard siding, without any problems. Installation of plywood siding is very easy to do, as well as putting a finish on it.

Step 1: Clean Plywood Siding

Rinse the plywood siding off with a damp sponge. You do not want to soak the siding, but rather remove any type of dirt, debris, and stains.

Step 2: Apply Primer

A primer coating is necessary for the exterior paint to bond with the plywood siding. This primer will also soak into the plywood siding to close up any pores.

Step 3: Apply Exterior Finish

Load up a spray gun the finish of your choice and spray the plywood siding. Start at the higher levels and work your way down the exterior. This will negate any lines or dripping that may occur. Let the first coat dry before adding a second coat. Once this coat is applied, check for any spots that need touching up.

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