How to Finish Half Round Molding How to Finish Half Round Molding

What You'll Need
Sandpaper (of various different grits)
Wood filler
Wood polish
Soft cloths
Sponge cloth
Paint brushes
Plastic sheet

Installing round molding can turn your home into an elegant room. Unfortunately, most people tend to skip over finishing off their molding without realizing that the finishing shall have the final impact to how the newly installed shall look. Calling in a handy man to install and finish up such molding shall cause a huge dent in your pocket; therefore the much simpler solution is to finish up the half round molding yourself. With a few basic tools and materials in hand, you can complete the project. Follow the detailed instructions below to finish off your half round molding.

Step 1 - Safety and Precautionary Instructions

It is vital to keep in mind a number of safety instructions when undergoing this activity. Firstly, keep on hand a pair of rubber gloves and eye goggles especially when using materials such as the wood polish and paint. This is to ensure that it does not come in contact with your skin.

Step 2 ­ - Use Filler to Remove Blocks

Since molding is usually made of wood, cracks may occur when it is cut. To eradicate cracks, use wood fillers. Lightly clean off the dust with a soft cloth. Then, start filling in the cracks with wood filler. Ensure all the cracks have been completely filled and wait for the molding to completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 3 ­ - Use Sanding Paper

Once the cracks are filled in, the next step is to use the sanding paper over the molding. Use a sandpaper of medium grit and use this all over the sandpaper. Be sure to lightly sand the molding and do not apply too much pressure because the molding might crack. Use a soft cloth to get rid of the excessive sand dust from the molding.

Step 4 - ­ Apply Primer

Another essential step in finishing up your round molding effectively is to apply a few layers of primer. A wide variety of primers are available in the market, and it is best to consult a professional before purchasing one. Once the primer is in hand, use a paintbrush and apply a layer of primer evenly all over the molding. Wait for the primer to dry, and then use a piece of sandpaper over the round molding. This second layer of sanding shall make the surface of molding smooth. Next, apply a second layer of primer all over the molding and wait for it to dry.

Step 5 ­ - Finish Off with Paint

Then, apply a few layers of paint. Choose a paint color that shall match the interiors of your house. Using a paintbrush, apply a layer of paint onto the round molding. Wait for the first layer to dry off, and finish up with a 2-3 more layers. Wait for the molding to dry. Once you are finished with this stage, you are ready to install your half round molding onto the walls, and enjoy your upgrade.

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