How to Finish Metal Drywall Corners How to Finish Metal Drywall Corners

What You'll Need
Metal bead
Measuring tape
Tin snips
Drywall screws
Drywall mud
8-inch finish knife
4-inch finish knife
120-grit sandpaper
Fiberglass mesh tape

Drywall corners are often the hardest part of the drywall process to finish. After you have installed the drywall to the frame you may notice the edges do not properly line up. When this happens you need to create drywall corners using a metal corner strip. This strip is essentially the base of all drywall corners. They are finished with certain materials to become flush with both of the walls that form the corner. The article that follows will explain how to finish these metal drywall corners to create a clean look.

Step 1 – Size the Metal Bead

There are many lengths that a metal bead can come in which means you may need to trim it to fit. Use the tape measure and measure the wall from the ceiling to the floor. Transfer this measurement to the metal bead. Use the tin snips to cut the metal bead. Place the metal bead on the corner to make sure it fits. You can trim the metal bead until it fits perfectly on the corner.

Step 2 – Install the Metal Bead

Place the metal bead wherever you need to finish the drywall corners. Once you are satisfied that the metal bead is the right length and positioned properly, you can fasten it in place. Use drywall screws to attach the metal bead. Use 1 screw every 5 inches on each side of the metal bead.

Step 3 – Fiberglass Mesh Tape

Using fiberglass mesh tape allows you to easily feather the drywall mud once you apply it to the metal bead. Use the same measurement you took for the metal bead and apply it to the fiberglass mesh tape. Cut it to the necessary size. Peel away a very small amount of the backing and then center the tape on the corner. Press it in place. Remove more of the backing and press it to the metal bead. Do this until the fiberglass mesh tape is over the entire metal bead.

Step 4 – First Finish of the Drywall Corners

Mix the drywall mud according to the directions. Use the 4-inch finish knife and apply it over the fiberglass mesh tape. Begin at the top and work your way down. Use the finish knife to scrape the drywall mud down the length of the corner. Feather it out as you work by extending the drywall mud 4 inches on each side of the metal bead. Sand the drywall down when it is dry and then wipe it down.

Step 5 – Second Finish of the Drywall Corners

For smooth drywall corners a second coat is required. The drywall mud is applied in the exact same way as it was in Step 3. This time, however, use the 8-inch finish knife and feather the mud 4-inches past the first coat of drywall. When this layer of drywall is dry, sand it down and then wipe away the dust.

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