How to Finish the Molding around a Door Jamb

What You'll Need
Wood Trim
Wood Filler
Small Coping Saw
Putty Knife

After installing some new flooring, you may find that there is a small gap on the bottom of the door jamb. This gap can be frustrating to cover with molding for a flawless finished look. There are a few tricks that carpenters like to use in order to finish off the molding around the door jamb. Here are some steps to take in order to complete the project.

Step 1: Cut Wood Trim

In most cases it is only a small section that needs to be finished off. Cut a slice of the molding that is the same, or very close to, what is on the door jamb currently. A coping saw makes this cut very easily.

Step 2: Install Wood Trim

Apply some wood glue to the trim and set it into place.

Step 3: Apply Filler and Sculpt

Spread out some wood filler onto the wood trim and sculpt it with the putty knife to match the existing trim. Take your time and manipulate the wood filler to set up with the right contour. Do not be alarmed if you have to sand sections in order to get the right look.

Step 4: Paint Door Jamb Molding

Using an artist's brush, apply some matching paint to the new piece of trim.