How to Fireproof a Gun Safe

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What You'll Need
Soft mat or rag
Wooden racks or shelf
Combination lock

Safety precautions should be observed by getting a fireproof gun safe. Just like other safety regulations followed when handling guns, it can prevent injuries or accidents from happening. A gun safe can be easily fireproofed by following these steps.

Step 1 - Consider Fire Protection

Even before installing a gun safe, consider the materials used in constructing the home. This determines how best to fireproof the gun safe. For homes made with highly flammable material, get a quality gun safe. Other considerations include the size of the home, its location, and distance from the fire department.

Get fireproof gun safes rated between half to three hours of burn time. This rate should be determined with an estimated or approximate time the house can take to burn down. Normally, homes fires burn for an average of 30 minutes before getting help from a fire department. A fireproof gun safe should exceed this time.

Step 2 - Decide on Location of a Gun Safe

It should be placed in a secure room. Ideal areas to install a safe at home include the basement or near a load-bearing wall for extra support. Avoid making safes at home if there are doubts about the security of the wall, stairs, hallway, and tiles. All these are important as they mark the route when moving the gun in the home.

Step 3 - Lay Carpet or Soft Mat

Make sure that the safe is free from moisture by laying a mat or carpet where it sits. This prevents damage from which can easily corrode on the bottom surface of the safe. It also acts as a barrier from other contaminants that can cause a reaction with the outer covers of the box.

Step 4 - Remove Flammable Material

If there are flammable items in the gun safe, remove them and consider storing them in a different location. This includes paper documents, media devices such as DVDs or CDs. These are highly flammable and can easily accelerate and fuel a fire. Make sure the UL rating of the gun safe is above 125 degrees Fahrenheit, this prevents the internal temperature from rising above 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 5 - Install Roll-Out Drawers

Depending on the size of the gun safe, install roll-out drawers to create space and to keep guns from being too close to each other. Consider the type of guns placed in the safe such as hunting rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Get the correct fit of roll-out drawer. Install one made from fireproof materials to enhance the safety of the gun safe. To create more space, some guns can be placed in a standing position while the rest are carefully layered on the roll-out drawer

Step 6 - Install Secure Locks

There are quality combination locks that can be installed to enhance the safety of a gun safe. Keep away children or unwanted persons from opening the gun safe. Installing a highly secure safe is a necessity.