How to Fit a Shower Extractor Fan

What You'll Need
Core Drill Bit
Dry Wall Saw

A shower extractor fan is an important addition to any bathroom where there is a shower. Excess water vapor and condensation can result in mold and cause damage to your bathroom décor. Opening a window is sometimes enough to solve this problem, but if this is not enough to ventilate the room sufficiently or if there is no window, a shower extractor fan will need to be installed. After a trip to your local hardware store, you can easily instal a shower extractor fan in an afternoon.

Step 1 – Choose a Location

Deciding where to put your shower extractor fan is probably the most important step. Poor placement can reduce the efficiency of your ventilation system. Always install the fan in the wall or the ceiling at the furthest point from the main air inlet. Doing so will insure maximum airflow throughout the entire space. Additionally, make sure there aren’t any pipes or cables that you may damage during installation.

Step 2 – Install Your Fan

After you have decided where to put your fan, mark the outside of this area with a pencil. Then use a dry wall saw to cut your access hole for the fan. Using a drill, fix the first section of the extractor fan grill assembly into the hole with retaining screws which should be included with the fan. You should then be able to fasten the grill and fit the ducting hose and extractor above.