How to Fit a Window Extractor Fan

  • 3-6 hours
  • Advanced
  • 300-1,000
What You'll Need
A Window Extractor Fan
A Tape Measure
Safety Goggles
Glass Cutter
Safety Gloves
A Marker Pen
A New Pane of Glass
Wire Cutters
Wire Strippers
20 Amp Junction Box if Connecting to a Light Circuit
30 Amp Junction Box if Connecting to a Power Circuit
Cable, Twin and Earth 1.5mm

A window extractor fan is an ideal source of household ventilation. Opening a window to eliminate unwanted smells or to remove condensation and excess water vapor is not always the most efficient solution, especially in the depths of winter when cold air gushes in through the window. Fitting a window extractor fan could be the answer to these problems and will provide a perfect solution in terms of producing a properly ventilated room. As window extractor fans are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, fitting them is an easy DIY project.

Step One - Chose a Place for the Fan

Decide which window will be the most suitable to help remove condensation and unpleasant smells. Whilst fans should be positioned at least 1.8 meters from the floor, they should also be fitted close to the main areas where smells and condensation frequently occur. Keep this in mind when choosing which window you are going to fit your extractor fan into because placing it in a window too far away from vapor and odor sources will render it ineffective.

Step Two - Measure Up

Measure on to the pane of glass where you want the window extractor fan to be fitted. The size of the hole will be dependent on the type of fan being fitted, so be sure to refer to any schematics provided in your kit. Always make a mental note that the fan housing is larger than the hole so always make sure that you leave sufficient space around the hole to accommodate it.

Step Three - Cut the Glass

If you are not an experienced glass cutter, taking the pane of glass to a professional glazier may be a wise move, although you will need to remove the pane from the existing window frame very carefully. If you are confident enough about cutting the glass yourself, put on the safety goggles and gloves and carefully cut around where you have marked on the glass with a glass cutter. This will provide you with a perfect circle for installing your extractor fan.

Step Four - Installation

Position the window extractor fan into the hole ensuring you have a tight fit. Join the wires by consulting the instruction manual provided with the extractor fan, making sure that you comply with the current IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers) regulations. If you are not comfortable with wiring and electrical work, seek the advice of a qualified electrician. The fan will be in position once it has been clipped to the housing

Step Five - Connect to a Switch

Decide whether you want your window extractor fan to work off a light switch, a switched fuse spur, or a pull switch. If you decide to connect your fan to a pull switch, join the cable from the extractor fan to 4 plate junction box and wire it accordingly. Next, connect the cable from the junction box to the switch and join the color coordinated wires together as described in the instructions provided with the fan kit. The fan can now be tested and any covers removed for the wiring process should be refitted to finish.