How to Fit Blinds on Bifold Doors How to Fit Blinds on Bifold Doors

If you have glass bifold doors, consider adding blinds to them to insulate the room and to block out light. Enclosed blinds are perfect because they do not move around as easily as regular curtains or blinds. A list of instructions should be included with any bifold doors blind kits, but these can often be difficult to decipher.


First, measure the size of the windows on your bifolding French doors. It's important to make sure you are measuring the window and not the overall size of the door. Measure horizontally and vertically to get the complete measurement of the whole piece of glass. You will be able to purchase enclosed blinds for different shapes and sizes of window.

Buying an Enclosed Blind

If you have chosen to install an enclosed blind, you will first need to purchase a kit. Make sure that the blinds are the right size for your windows. Make sure that the window blinds will fit the type of glass you have in your window. A raised edge window blind kit will be different than a flat-edged kit.

Enclosed blinds are easy to find and can be purchased from many home hardware stores. These kits should contain everything that you need to fit the blinds.

Reading the Instructions

When you have the right kit you should read the instructions and get an idea of how to fit and install the enclosed blind to your bifold doors. Once you've read these instructions you should now be aware of the tools and materials needed. Get some screwdrivers, glass cleaners, and various components ready so that you don't have to waste time looking for them later.

The instructions can sometimes be confusing which is why you need to take plenty of time to understand what the instructions are telling you.

Cleaning Glass

Before you install the enclosed blinds, it's vital that you clean the glass on both sides. Try to get rid of as much of the dust and grease as possible.

Fixing the Blinds

The blinds then need to be screwed into the window frames around the bifold doors. Use the screws that came with the kit to make sure the blinds are securely fitted.

Once the blinds are fitted to the bifold doors you will need to do some testing, if they don't work smoothly and properly then you may need to make some adjustments. Give the glass a final clean down to make it look its best.


Maintaining the bifold door blinds is very easy, simply cleaning the glass regularly should be enough to keep them looking their best. These blinds are very reliable and should last for a very long time to come.

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