How to Fit Up and Over Garage Doors

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Hammer Drill
Masonry Bit
Step Ladder
Socket Wrench

Up and over garage doors are much different than the normal style doors that have sections and rollers. They are usually maintained in one piece and are situated on a frame. When you lift one of these doors, the entire door lifts out, then up, and over the head. These doors are very good for security purposes, but are not very DIY friendly. One of the main problems with installing the up and over garage doors is the actual fitting of them.

Step 1: Determine Which Type of Door to Purchase

There are two basic types of up and under garage doors. One is the canopy style of door. This door is mostly used for a single car opening and does not reach any higher than 8 feet. The other drawback to this type of door is that it is not connected to an automatic door opener. The other type of up and over garage door is called a retractable door. This door can be much larger and mechanized for automatic opening. Before having to actually install the door you must first determine the type that will work in your application.

Step 2: Take Accurate Measurements

Before getting to the installation process of the up and over garage doors you want to make sure that you take accurate measurements. Up and over garage doors are mostly installed within a subframe. This means that the door can be installed either inside the actual garage door opening or directly behind it. Accurate measurements are needed to make sure that the door you order will fit perfectly.

Step 3: Realize What Measurements Mean

When taking measurements to fit up and over garage doors you must know what they mean. An up and over door is sold by a certain measurement. This is the actual space between the subframe. For example, a 7x7-foot garage door refers to the space between the subframe rails and from top to bottom. The actual garage door measurements will be different for ease of operation.

Step 4: Fit Frame in Door

Once you have the new up and over garage door you need to fit it into the opening. Position the subframe railings on the side of the garage door frame. Mark the location of the bolt holes for the mounting bracket.

Step 5: Install Frame

Drill holes into the concrete opening where the holes were marked. Use a hammer drill when drilling into concrete. Set the frame rails back into position and secure with the bolts.

Step 6: Build Brace for Top Rail

A retractable up and over garage door is going to need to have the top rails secured to braces from the ceiling. You can build this easily through scrap lumber or metal tubes.

Step 7: Connect Top Rails

Hold the top rails up against the support brace and drive in the lag bolt to hold it into position. Secure the rail to the vertical rails with the hardware provided. Make sure it is level and secure the top railing permanently.

Step 8: Install Door

Hook the springs into the lifting mechanism and set the door into place.