How to Fix a Bad Exterior Wood Stain Job

What You'll Need
Sandpaper blocks
Wood conditioner
UV protected exterior wood stain
Stain stripper
Scrubbing brush

Applying an exterior wood stain to doors, decks, sheds or any other wood item can add a richness to it that is not naturally present in nature. The natural wood grain becomes accentuated as well as more accommodating to the decor you have designed for yourself. However, there can be problems with exterior wood stain application. You can experience such issues as drips, streaks and using the wrong stain that is either lighter or darker than what you originally wanted. Bad exterior wood stain outcomes can be avoided if you work carefully but if an accident happens it can be fixed. The article that follows will show you the steps how to fix those bad exterior wood stain outcomes.

Step 1 - Applying the Stain Stripper

When an imperfection is found; the initial gut reaction is to deal with that particular mishap but that is the wrong decision. If you remove the stain in just one area you'll end up with a discolored or mismatched stain that will look like splotches. The only solution is to remove the stain on the entire item. If you're working on an object that can be taken apart then you can strip individual pieces. A deck is a good example of a stain removal project you can do in pieces. Brush the exterior wood stain stripper on the item. Use the scrubbing brush to work the stain into the grain of the wood. Allow the exterior wood stain to sit on the wood for the time indicated by the instructions for the stripper. Wipe the stripper off the wood. You may need to apply more stripper. The stripper will remove the wood stain as well as any other stains that the wood has on it.

Step 2 - Condition the Wood

Stripping chemicals are harsh on wood and so the wood needs to be properly conditioned. Different types of wood will absorb stains differently. This is due to the density present in the wood. If the wood you are working with has varying density you will wind up with an uneven stain. Apply the wood conditioner with a paintbrush and wait for it to dry before continuing. The conditioner will help the wood to accept the wood stain evenly.

Step 3 - Apply the Exterior Wood Stain

With the wood stripped of the stain and a conditioner added you can now apply a fresh coating of stain. The key to applying exterior wood stain is to be as meticulous as you can be while applying it quickly. Use a brush and apply the stain. Apply it as evenly as you can while making sure you are brushing it on in the direction of the wood grain. Most stains you apply can have a second coat applied to it while it is still wet. While this can be done it s a good idea to wait until the stain has dried completely before adding a second coat (if you want one).