How to Fix a Broken Demolition Hammer

What You'll Need
Hex wrench
Carbon brushes
Demolition hammer bit
Soft cloth

A demolition hammer is used at a demolition site for breaking concrete, marble slabs and masonry. Since such work can become really challenging, requiring considerable mechanical effort, demolition hammers are the best means to make the task at hand easier and humanly possible. A demolition hammer is a powerful electrical tool that can reduce the effort required for demolition. In fact, it is the instrument of choice for construction workers as construction invariably involves some kind of breaking down.

Demolition hammers come in different sizes for different needs. A 20-pound demolition hammer is usually enough to break extremely hard materials like concrete. These demolition hammers may seem to be very heavy at the outset, but they are designed in a manner that they can be handled easily. Their versatility also allows workmen to carry the hammer to different places. The hammer can easily fit into different locations and may also fit into the gang box.

However, occasionally, the demolition hammer may not work properly or the bit may get damaged. Here’s how you can fix a broken demolition hammer.

Step 1 – Remove and Replace the Bit

First, switch off the tool and unplug it. On the face of the demolition hammer’s retainer handle, there is a raised dimple. You can simply turn out the tool retainer so that the raised portion faces the opening at the holder of the tool. You can easily remove the shank of the bit by yanking it out with your hand. You will have to apply some force as the shank is notched. Insert the new bit into the shank, with the notched side towards the shank. Insert the bit as far as it is possible to push it in.

Step 2 – Remove and Replace the Carbon Brushes

To remove the brushes, use a hex wrench. When the rear cover is removed, inspect the carbon brushes. The motor is usually shut off when the insulating tip inside the carbon brush gets exposed. If the resin tip of the insulator comes in contact with the commutator, the motor gets shut off automatically. The carbon brushes can burn out very quickly in such a case. Both the brushes need to be replaced immediately otherwise the motor will not run normally. Make sure that the model and make of the carbon brushes is the same as that of those which were installed in the hammer. With the help of a screwdriver, remove the holder caps of the brushes and replace the old ones with new ones. Secure the brush holder caps tightly on the brushes.

Step 3 – Oiling

Since the cover is removed, you can use a soft cloth to remove the old grease from inside the tool and use fresh lubricant. Remember to grease the machine only slightly as the accumulation of grease can cause the tool to malfunction. Once that is done, put the cover of the tool back.

Step 4 – Final Check

Plug in the demolition hammer and power it on. It should work. However, if it still doesn’t work, you will need to take it to a professional.