How to Fix a Broken Electric Fireplace Insert Switch

What You'll Need
New electric fireplace insert switch
Working gloves

An electric fireplace insert is a convenient source of heat in the home as it is clean and safe. They can also be bought for their aesthetic value as they are available in different designs. An insert switch can be placed on walls and used to operate the fireplace, some have internal on and off controls for easy access. The device can be bought from a hardware or electronic store. Get the correct insert switch when shopping for a new one by checking considering size, resistance, voltage and current capacity. Obtaining the correct device provides a proper fit and it can work effectively when installed in the existing electrical appliance.

Step 1 – Be Safe

Turn off power supply to the heating fireplace and unplug the device from electrical outlet. Electricity can cause serious injuries if care is not taken. Pay attention when repairing or working around electrical devices. Put on protective clothing such as working gloves as well.

Assemble necessary tools and materials required to carry out the task. Find the switch and use a screwdriver to remove the cover plate from the surface of the wall.

Step 2 – Replace Switch

Once the cover plate is removed, check whether the wiring is in good condition. Make sure that all wires are connecting to the switch. Replace the broken switch with the new one. Use a screwdriver to fix it on the surface of the wall. Fasten the screws into the new cover plate and make sure the unit is secure.

Step 3 – Test the Switch

Turn on power supply and check how the new switch works. The heating device should be able to supply warmth into the room without a problem. Make it a practice to inspect the condition of the electric fireplace regularly. Check other components to ensure that they are not worn out or damaged.

Step 4 – Inspect Other Components

While replacing the broken switch, it is advisable to carry out maintenance service on other parts of the heating device. Make sure power supply is turned off and use wrenches to dissemble the electric furnace. Be careful not to damage sensitive components.

Use a brush to remove dust and other particles in the heating appliance. These might easily clog and block the heating components. Poor or erratic heat production can come about if an electric furnace accumulates dirt and debris. Use clean piece of clothe to wipe the metal components.

Check other components such as the thermostat. Inspect it make sure that its setting are correct. If the electric furnace produces too much heat or does not heat up at all then the thermostat might be faulty. Use a multimeter to check if it is in good condition. It can be replaced it is faulty.

Other components that allow an electric furnace to work correctly include the motor ports. Make sure they are free from dust and dirt. Use a clean brush to remove debris and dust and wipe the surface using a clean material. Oil the components to allow them to run smoothly.

Step 5 – Reassemble the Electric Fireplace

Carefully place back all the components in position. Fasten and secure them in the heating appliance. Plug the appliance and turn on power supply. The machine should work properly.