How to Fix a Crack in a Ceramic Floor

What You'll Need
Electric drill
Safety Glasses
Flat Bar
Thinset or Adhesive
Extra Grout

Many people have experienced a crack in their ceramic floor at some point. Even though ceramic flooring is one of the most durable flooring options available today, it can be damaged. Dropping a cast iron skillet on the pan is a common way that many people manage to crack their ceramic tile. Sometimes, you do not have to do anything to the floor for it to crack either. If the house settles or there is a manufacturing defect in a tile, it could crack on its own. Regardless of the reason, you need to fix the crack in order to get the floor back to a presentable fashion. The only way to fix a crack in ceramic is to replace the tile or tiles that are cracked. While it can seem a little tricky, people do it all the time and you can do it with the proper method. Here are a few tips on replacing a cracked tile in your floor.

Step 1- Find a Replacement

In most cases, the hardest part of the job is finding a tile that matches the others to replace the broken one. In the tile industry, there are so many choices to choose from. You have hundreds of different brands and styles within those brands. On top of that, the manufacturer's usually discontinue a style after two to five years depending on how popular it is. Therefore, you may have problems finding a tile at any flooring store to match. Your best bet is to check in the attic or basement for part of an extra box from when it was originally installed. This way, you can also ensure that the tile is from the same dye lot as the original job.

Step 2- Remove the Tile

Use the electric drill to drill several holes into the tile that is damaged. Once you have done this, it gives you easy access to the middle of the tile so that you can break it up. Use the chisel and hammer to break into the tile and use the flat bar to pry out the extra pieces. During this step, you need to be very deliberate and careful with your motions as to not damage the surrounding tiles.

Step 3- Install the Tile

Mix the thinset or adhesive with water if it is required and allow it to set up to the consistency that you want. Spread the adhesive onto the floor with a trowel of the proper size. Place the tile into the hole and press it down firmly. Clean up any excess thinset that comes out around the edges. Let the tile set for 24 hours.

Step 4- Grout the Joints

You will then need to spread the extra grout into the grout joints around the tile. Once the joints are filled, use the sponge to clean off excess grout and level the grout in the joints.