How To Fix A Dryer Timer Knob How To Fix A Dryer Timer Knob

A dryer timer knob is a very important component of your dryer and helps you determine the amount of time you want the dryer to dry your clothes in. It can be frustrating if it is damaged for some reason and needs to be replaced.

Step 1
Before you actually replace the knob, make sure you have purchased a similar replacement or one that is guaranteed to work on your dryer. Proceed to remove the old knob, if it is still clinging onto your machine in a broken state.

Step 2
Removing the old knob is not very difficult and can be done by rotating it counter clockwise in a slow and repetitive manner. If you correctly tug on to the knob, it will come out of its position and detach itself from the dryer.

Step 3
Now, careful position the new knob over the shaft and mount it looking at the position of the knob corresponding to the labeling on the front panel. Make sure that the knob is pointing in the correct direction every time you choose an option. Do a trial run to see that you have installed it in the right manner. This concludes the replacement procedure.

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