How To Fix A Fountain Bird Bath

Tiered fountain in a flower garden
  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
Wire brush
Garden hose
Small amount of quick-dry concrete
Putty knife

You may need to fix a fountain bird bath if it comes tumbling to the ground, chips, or breaks. This usually happens when visited by something much larger than a bird, and typically at night. Cats, raccoons and even small dogs can come lurking in the night, attracted by the cascading water or thirst. These nocturnal visits sometimes result in the fountain birdbath toppling over, and make repairs necessary.

Step 1 - Remove Loose Concrete

Chip away at any loose or flaking concrete with a screwdriver.

Step 2 - Brush Dirt Away

Use a wire brush to work at the crack, to remove any dirt or debris and to smooth out the area.

Step 3 - Hose It Down

spraying a hose

Wash out the crack using water from a garden hose.

Step 4 - Mix Concrete

Mix up a small amount of quick drying concrete patching compound found at any home improvement center or hardware store. Consider adding a latex component to allow for concrete expansion with changes in temperature.

Step 5 - Apply Concrete

mixing concrete in a bucket

Apply concrete to the crack using a trowel and then work it into the crack with a putty knife. Smooth the surface area while the concrete is still moist. Allow for sufficient drying time.

It may be necessary to sand any repaired cracks ever so slightly to make sure the applied concrete matches the rest of the surface area.

Why at Night?

In many areas of the country, wild animals roam neighborhoods looking for a free meal. Raccoons are notorious for invading yards, knocking over garbage cans and making an incredible mess. All this activity makes a critter thirsty. Your fountain bird bath will attract these nocturnal visitors just like a stream or babbling brook does in the wild.

Prevention, Not Repair

The best way to keep your fountain bird bath safe and not have a need to repair it is to drain the water every evening before any wild animals come calling. Refill the birdbath in the morning with clean water. This will deter any possums or cats from sticking around, because they will be off somewhere else looking for water. Other tips to keep large animals from toppling over your fountain birdbath are to cover it at night with a piece of tarp.

Hold it down with some heavy rocks so an animal can't drag it off the bath. Try to place a bowl or two of water on the ground away from the bath. This will attract animals better than the fountain because of its easier access. Many animals would prefer water off the ground, so try placing a bowl of water on a rock or tree stump.