How to Fix a Frayed Dining Table Runner

If you have several table runners you reply on to gracefully run across the length of your table for different occasions, you'll want to keep them in good repair. Unfortunately with age, table runners can become frayed and worn looking, so you'll want to learn how to maintain them for many years of service and enjoyment.

You Will Need:

  • Ironing Board
  • Iron
  • Straight Dressmaker’s Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Glue
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors

Step 1-Preparing the Table Runners for Repair

Generally table runners take a lot of abuse during the washing cycle of your laundry. Because they are very fine and the stitching seams are narrow, fraying often occurs along the edges of the material making your favourite table runners look unkempt. After removing your table runners from the dryer, inspect each edge to ensure they have remained stitched. If not, place the table runners that need repairs off to one side and put the others away.

Step 2-Pressing in a New Table Runner Seam

Take your frayed table runners from the pile you placed them in and carefully inspect the stitching to see how long the fray is. Set up your ironing board and turn on your iron. Leave them to heat until they reach the correct temperature setting for the material the table runners are made from. Once the iron has reached temperature, fold the frayed edge over and press it flat, making a second fold to turn the edge under, and then pressing that turn flat as well.

Step 3-Pinning the Table Runner for Sewing

After you have pressed your hem folds into the frayed edge of the table runners, using dressmaker or straight pins, pin the material down every inch or so. Be sure to go across the material not up and down, as this way when the sewing machine passes over the pins, you are less likely to break the needle, although it is always best to remove the pins before driving over them. Once all the dressmakers’ pins are in place along the edge of the table runners to be repaired, take the entire pile to the sewing machine.

Step 4-Sewing the Frayed Edges on Table Runners

Removing one frayed table runner from the pile at a time, place the pinned edge under the foot of the sewing machine and drop the pressure foot down to hold the table runner tightly. Once you have it lined up so you will be sewing a straight seam down the edge of the table runner, then apply pressure to the sewing machine foot control and slowly sew down the length of the pinned edge that requires repair. Be sure to lock in your sewing seams be reversing and going forward at the start and finish of each seam.

Step 5-Additional Options for Repairs to Table Runners

If you have a table runner that doesn’t have enough seam allowance left for sewing, you can always use fabric glue in place of stitching. This often works well, but is subject to washing out in the washing machine over time. Another option is using a needle and thread and hand stitching the seam using a blind stitch.