How to Fix a Fraying Carpet Seam

One common problem with a carpet seam is that it can sometimes fray. When you have a seam that is fraying, you need to handle it properly so that it does not happen again, or get worse. Here are the basics of how to fix a fraying carpet seam. 

Glue Gun

One of the most common methods used to fix a fraying carpet seam is to try and glue it back together with a hot glue gun. First, you should cut any fraying pieces of carpet with scissors. Then where the seam is coming apart, add hot glue into the gap. Press the two pieces of carpet together and make sure not to get any hot glue on the actual fiber of the carpet. Try to keep it all on the backing if possible. Once you have applied the glue, you should sit something heavy on the seam like a bucket or some books. 

Seam Sealer

Another option that you could look at is using a carpet seam sealer. Seam sealer is designed to keep seams together for the long term. They do a good of keeping it together. Apply the sealer to the gap and allow it to dry. Be sure to apply gentle and constant pressure so that the seam is sealed properly.