How to Fix a Go Kart Clutch

What You'll Need
Dry cloth
Ball bearings
Clutch springs

Having a go kart is an enjoyable experience for most young people, but the effort of repairing the kart can sometimes seem a hassle. One of the most difficult parts of the go kart to fix is the clutch. It may stick or lock up. This article will explain the steps for clutch repair in your go kart.

Step 1 - Remove the Clutch

In order to check what is wrong, you will have to remove the clutch from the go kart base. Unscrew it at the sides and pull it away from the rest of the kart. You may wish to use a wrench if the clutch is particularly difficult. Once you have the clutch in your hand, turn it over and take off the snap ring. Removing this ring will help you to disassemble the clutch parts. You should make a note of where each part of the clutch came from before you pull it apart completely.

Step 2 - Inspect the Go Kart Clutch

You will now be looking at the insides of the clutch. At this point, rub the whole piece over with a little grease and wipe it down with a cloth. You should check that the springs inside are completely intact. If you are not satisfied with their appearance, unscrew them and replace with new springs. You should oil down all the visible areas and ensure that all the parts move freely as you fit them back together.

Step 3 - Check the Engine

While the clutch is out of action, this is a good time to check the rest of the go kart. Measure the output of the engine. If it seems low in power, you have either burned out the pads which connect to the clutch, or you have a problem with the connecting throttle parts. You should also take the time to change the ball bearings within the clutch connections, as these can sometimes stick and cause problems with locking at the clutch area.

Step 4 - Replace the Clutch

If you have checked the clutch thoroughly and found no problems with either it or the go kart itself, consider swapping the clutch out for a new one. A new clutch will mean that you can avoid worrying about repairs, and it is often less expensive to get a completely new clutch than to ask a professional to fix an old one with a mysterious fault.