How to Fix a Leaking Dishwasher Vent

What You'll Need
Replacement Water pipe
Chop stick or similar tool

If you have a dishwasher vent which expels air, then you may find that it starts to produce water, which will end up in the outside forming a small puddle. The air vent is usually invisible to the eye, so if you see a lot of steam rising around the dishwasher vent, and also water escaping from it then it is probably your vent that is the problem. This can be an indication that you need to make the vent bigger, or that there is a problem with your waste disposal pipes. If you are having a lot of trouble with your dishwasher, then one problem could be the cause of this leaking dishwasher vent. Fixing your dishwasher vent can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Step 1 - Check your air Vent

If the water is flowing out of your air vent, then you have a complicated problem which may require a number of different methods to fix it. You could begin by placing a cup over the air vent while the dishwasher is being used. This will encourage the water to flow down the sink, and not emerge from your dishwasher vent. You can do this using an everyday cup, it is simply to cover the air vent exit. Look at the inside of the cup after you have finished using the dishwasher, and you should be able to see that it is completely dry. This means that the source of your problem can be located in the pipes leading to and from this dishwasher.

Step 2 - Clean out your Pipes

The main reason why you would have a leaking dishwasher vent is because the water pipes inside your dishwasher have become full of gunk. The dishwasher refuses to push more water through the blocked pipe, and therefore water has to escape through other exits, such as the air vent pipe. In order to fix this problem you will have to clean out your pipes.

Step 3 - Opening Up the Drain Pipe

Open up your dishwasher, and start exploring the pipes in the dishwasher. You should soon notice the dishwasher's waste pipe, although you can also look in your manual to find the exact location. Using your screwdriver, remove the cover of the waste pipe, and then insert a bent coat hanger. Push this into the drain as far as possible. If you feel resistance, scrape out the remaining debris until the pipe is clear.

Step 4 - Running the Dishwasher Again

Once you have done this, replace the dishwasher pipe cover, and run it again. If you still find problems with your dishwasher vent, then you will need to solve this problem by removing the old water pipe, and adding a new one. This could help you to get the best out of your dishwasher without having too much difficulty fixing it in the future.