How to Fix a Leaking P-Trap

Water on a wood floor
What You'll Need
Plumbers tape
New p-trap

If you have a leaking p-trap in your bathroom or kitchen, then the first signs might be a small pool of water collecting on the floor. In order to fix this problem, and prevent waste water from contaminating your home, you need to work out the cause of the leak quickly and find a solution. Follow the simple steps below to effectively repair your leaky p-trap.

Step 1 - Locate the Leak

Closely examine the p-trap to try to work out where the leak is coming from. You may be able to see a trail of water falling down one side of the pipe or notice that one end is much wetter than the other.

When you have found the leak, turn off the water supply.

Step 2 - Replace the Washers

One cause of a leaking p-trap is a failed washer. Replace this by removing the p-trap and taking off the washers, which are fitted to the threads at each end. Look for corroded or cracked washers, although it is a good idea to replace them all.

Find replacement washers that are the exact same size, and slide them onto the ends. Add caulk to seal the pipe, or use plumber's tape.

Step 3 - Replace the P-trap

If this does not work, then you need to replace the p-trap with another. Remove it as before, and then add another, sealing afterward with caulk or tape.