How to Fix a Leaking Toilet Flange

The toilet flange is at the base of the toilet unit where it connects with the floor and the piping that runs into the sewer. It is a circular flat piece of rubber, PVC or metal that has holes drilled in at intervals. Bolts go through the holes to hold the toilet tight to the floor. The water rushes from the toilet tank into the toilet bowl when the toilet handle is depressed. During this time, the suction activity of the sealed toilet flange causes the water and waste to go down into the sewerage system.

An indication of a broken toilet flange is seen when some liquid pools around the base of the toilet and the toilet when shaken gently rocks back and forth. It should be checked to see that the seeping water is not coming from a loose tube, faulty valve, cracked water tank or the toilet bowl.

In order to repair the toilet flange, you will require the following material and tools:

  • Screwdriver
  • Cloth
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Spanner flange
  • Wax gasket

You can follow these steps to fix your leaking toilet flange.

Step 1: Remove Water

Turn off the water supply and empty the tank by flushing the toilet. Both the toilet tank and toilet bowl should be completely empty of water.

Step 2: Remove Toilet Bowl

If the toilet tank and toilet bowl are connected with an elbow, the elbow should be removed.

The toilet bowl can be removed by unscrewing the nuts and loosening the bolts that tie the bowl down to the floor. The toilet bowl can be removed after breaking the wax seal that secures it to the floor and toilet flange. You will see if the flange is broken and/or cracked.

Step 3: Cleanup

The flange area should be cleaned up. The old wax should be scraped off.
Step 4: Tighten Bolts

If no crack is seen in the flange, it may be a simple case of tightening the nuts and bolts, putting the toilet bowl back and checking to see that is no more water leakage or rocking back and forth of the toilet bowl.

Step 4: Spanner Flange

If the flange is broken you will need to purchase a “spanner flange” which is a semi-circular piece. The part of the flange that needs to be replaced will need to be unscrewed, the bolt removed and the new piece placed under the spanner flange. Then the spanner flange can be drilled into the floor.

Step 5: Full Flange Replacement

If the full flange needs to be replaced, remove the existing flange. Clean the area. Pour concrete and let it set. Set the flange on top of the concrete and screw it in with the bolts.

Step 6: Wax Gasket

Unless the wax gasket is very new, a new one will be necessary. Set the wax gasket down on top of the toilet flange and ensure that it conforms to the flange and toilet to create a tight seal.

Step 7: Setting Up Toilet again

The toilet should then be set back on the toilet flange and the bolts should be tightened. The water supply tube should be connected to the shut-off valve. The flush should be checked to see that there are no leaks.

The above steps should help in fixing the problems with a leaking toilet flange.