How to Fix a Motorcycle Engine Oil Leak

What You'll Need
Jack stand
Replacement parts
Drop cloth or newspaper
Motorcycle manual

It is not necessary for you to be an expert in motorcycle maintenance to know how to fix a leak of motorcycle engine oil. Knowing how to locate and rectify the problem will not only help to prevent larger engine problems due to an insufficient level of lubrication, but also accidents from others skidding on oil deposits.

Step 1 - Prepare

There is some preparation work required before you will be able locate and fix a motorcycle engine oil leak. You should make sure that the engine is cold when the work is undertaken to avoid injury from burns. Position the motorcycle so that the engine is over a drop cloth or newspapers laid out on the floor. Check the manual for the motorcycle to determine whether a particular method of repair is recommended.

Step 2 - Inspection

You will need to undertake a thorough inspection of the vehicle to locate the precise source of the leak. For some motorcycles, this will be easier to achieve with the help of a jack stand. Finding the point from which the motorcycle engine oil is leaking will help you to determine what method to use to repair it as well as the severity of the problem. Be aware that there may be leaks from several locations at the same time. If this method proves unsuccessful in finding the leak, it can be found with the use of an ultraviolet dye, flashlight, and the corresponding glasses. Pouring the liquid into the tank will enable it to flow through the leaks and you will be able to shine the UV flashlight to highlight their location.

Step 3 - Repair

There are several methods that can be used to rectify the engine when it is leaking motorcycle engine oil, with some being more effective than others. There are products on the market which work by stopping the leak from the inside by coating the tank. There are occasions when the substance thicken too much and cause a clog. Alternatively, you can use a sealant that can be sprayed onto the outer surface of the tank to create a seal that will stop any leakage.

Step 4 - Replace

There may be some motorcycle engine oil leaks that are so severe that it requires the replacement of defective parts. This should be relatively easy to undertake when it comes to hoses and connectors. Prior to replacing any connectors that appear to be the cause of the leak, try tightening them in case they are actually leaking because they have come loose. After tightening them, wait a few moments to check whether it continues to leak. If the fasteners or hoses are defective, replace them rather than attempting a repair. Where the problem of leaking oil persists, it may be necessary to remove the engine in order to repair it properly. This is best undertaken by a qualified mechanic.