How to Fix a Power Window

What You'll Need
Contact cement
New regulator
Needle nose pliers
Socket wrench set

If you have a power window that will not roll up, it is important to fix it. The most common reasons for this problem are friction on the window seals/gasket and a worn regulator. If you hear the motor going but the window will not go up, it is the regulator that is the problem. Here is how you can replace the regulator.

Step 1 - Check for a Sticky Gasket

If your problem is with just one window, you will probably have to take off the door panel to get at the problem area. First, check to see if the problem is with the gasket. This is where the glass is catching with friction on the rubber seal where it comes out from the door. You can try lubricating the channel with silicone spray.

If the gasket is loose, just glue it back in place with weatherstrip adhesive, making sure that you don’t glue the window to the gasket.

Step 2 - Take Off the Door Panel

Door panels can be held on with a wide variety of fasteners. Sometimes it is easy to see and remove the screws, or pry up the panel with your fingers. Remove all handles and pulls to start with and gently pry up the plastic studs so you can reuse them. These studs are fragile and intended for one-time use, but if you are careful you can remove them with no damage. You can order new studs if you have to.

Remove the weather sheeting when you have taken off the panel. This may have to be replaced using contact cement when you have finished. You may need to pull fairly hard.

Step 3 - Disconnect Everything From the Door

Disconnect everything that is attached to the panel like cables, door and lock controls. When you have disconnected the cables you can turn the plastic rings holding the locking rods and they will pull straight up. Remove the speaker and cable.

Step 4 - Remove the Inner Window Seal

Pull and remove the seal on the inside bottom window groove. It should pry out.

Step 5 - Remove the Window

Find the regulator, it is easier to see when the window is down. Two knobs attach the regulator to the window and a plastic receiver with a metal clip. Pull out the pin on both sides.

Separate the window from the knobs making sure that a helper is holding onto the window to stop it falling. Carefully maneuver the window out. You may need to rotate it to almost upside down.

Step 6 - Remove the Regulator

Unplug the window motor cable and unscrew the regulator from the door, doing the same for the motor screws. Carefully maneuver the assembly out. Remove the screws attaching the regulator to the motor.

Step 7 - Install the New Regulator

Install everything in the reverse order, making sure to put back any foam pads and rubber guards before reattaching the door panel.

Be careful of where you put your fingers as the power mechanisms can seriously damage or amputate tender fingers. Pull the fuse if you are working inside the door.