How to Fix a Pressure Regulator for Your Wall Furnace

The wall furnace is an appliance which provides for the heating required at homes. There are various items which constitute its proper functioning one of which is the pressure regulator. This device is responsible for maintaining the heating levels by increasing or decreasing the pressure. The main purpose of these are to provide for the security of the furnace and have the auto switch off property to limit excess of electric current to pass through. It is very important to keep the pressure regulator working and in perfect condition. In case something happens to it, fixing it is not too big a problem.

Types of Pressure Switches

There are varying types of pressure switches. Different switches have different working mechanisms and hence different fixing mechanisms. The first type is the air pressure regulator which controls the levels of fresh air entering the system. Second is the water pressure regulator which controls the levels of water present in the furnace. Low water supplies can lead to overheating and fires. The third type is the fuel pressure regulator, controlling the levels of fuel entering the furnace for combustion.

Check the Installation

Always start by checking the installation of the device first. There is always a possibility of something other than the pressure regulator being faulty leading to frequent changes in the functioning. Refer to the manual for the complete set of instructions for the system and how it works. The structure of the wall furnace with respect to the wall makes a huge difference to the levels of heating made available. If everything else looks in order, then it is the pressure regulator at fault.

The Wiring

All wall furnaces operate on electricity and all functions are maintained with electrical wires going to different devices from the central control. The pressure regulator is installed in a series circuit with the complete system. This is done in order to shut down the complete system in case of a trip. When a trip occurs, the system needs to be checked for inconsistency along with the varying power supplies leading to the trips. Resetting the system manually will restart the wall furnace.

Faulty Device

If everything looks in order, then the pressure regulator switch may have got damaged or burnt. Whichever the case may be, it would need to be either repaired or replaced depending upon the condition. A mechanic of a technician dealing with wall furnaces would be able to judge the situation and recommend the suitable option at hand.


Replacing the system is not the end. It needs to be maintained with regular servicing at constant intervals of time. This is necessary to increase its lifetime and also reduce the pressure on other pressure regulators working within the furnace. This can be done manually by the owner or registering with the home appliance servicing agencies operating in the locality.