How to Fix a Snagged Sweater

Fixing a snagged sweater can be a pain, but the good news is that many times, with a little effort you can completely eradicate any signs of a snag.

You'll need a crochet hook that's small enough to fit between the weave of the sweater, but large enough to grab the yarn without splitting it. This will vary with the sweater, but generally it's best to use a thin steel crochet hook, rather than one of the larger plastic or aluminum ones. A magnifying glass and a good light will also help.

Examine the Snag:

Chances are that you've pulled several rows of the knit too tight, resulting in a loop on the right side of the sweater. See if the yarn is broken anywhere, and how many rows are affected. Don't cut off the loop, you'll be weaving it back into the sweater. See if you can figure out how the yarn goes from row to row; you're trying to replicate that.


  • Find where the loop came from. Hooking it through the same hole it came through, gently pull the loop back through to the underside.
  • Figure out where that same thread was, just before it snagged. This will be a stitch that's pulled too tight. See if you can loosen the stitch to its normal appearance by hooking into the tightened stitch and wiggling the hook a little. After you do this, pull the loop yarn so that the loop is now below the stitch you just adjusted.
  • Work your way down the pulled stitches. Each time you pull the loop yarn through, the loop becomes smaller as you restore the normal tension of each stitch.