How to Fix a Wobbling Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

What You'll Need
Set of screwdrivers
Step ladder
Measuring tape
Wood Clothespin
Super glue
Clear tape

A flush mount ceiling fan should not wobble. Wobbling reduces the fan's effectiveness and causes it to use more energy to run which will ultimately cost you more money. There are several factors that could cause the fan to wobble. Here are some tips to figure out the reason why and how to fix a wobbling flush mount ceiling fan.

Step 1 - Check to Make Sure the Blades Are Balanced

Turn the fan off. Place a clothespin on the tip of one of the flush mount ceiling fan blades. Turn the fan on again. Watch for wobbles. If there is no wobble, then the fan is unbalanced and that blade will need to be weighted. Go to Step 2. If there are still wobbles turn off fan and take turns placing the clothespin on the other blades. Skip Step 2 and go to Step 3 if the fan still wobbles even with the clothespin weight.

Step 2 - Weight the Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Blades

Tape coins to the blade of the ceiling fan that's causing the unit to wobble. Add a coin at a time with clear tape to the top of the unbalanced blade until the unit stops wobbling when turned on. You'll know you have enough weight when the ceiling fan stops wobbling. Use super glue if you would like to permanently attach the weights.

Step 3 - Level the Blade Edges

Stand on the step ladder and measure the distance between each blade and the ceiling with a yardstick or measuring tape. Since this is a flush mount fan, the distance won't be much, but it needs to be consistent. Measure from the same stop on the ceiling and move each blade underneath that spot to measure the distance. If the distance isn't even with each blade, gently manually bend the blade's bracket. Do with any brackets that need adjusting to make sure the unit is balanced and each blade is an equal distance from the ceiling. Turn on the fan and watch for wobbles. If the unit still wobbles, check the balance again. Got to Step 4 if both the level and weight of the blades is correct.

Step 4 - Examine and Adjust Motor Installation

Use the ladder to get close to the top of the flush mount ceiling fan. Remove the mount covering. Look for a space between the fan and the ceiling. Try to manually move the entire fan unit. If there's any give, tighten the mounting screws. Double check to make sure all the blades are balanced and level. Turn on fan and watch for wobbles. Go to Step 5 if the flush mount ceiling fan still wobbles.

Step 5 - Adjust the Junction Box

Turn off the breaker. Climb on the ladder to look at the junction box attached to the ceiling joists. If this is loose, it could cause your fan to wobble. Use a manual screwdriver to tighten the screws that attach the junction box to the ceiling. The screws should be tight, but do not over tighten and strain the joists and the box.