How to Fix Bamboo Roll-up Blinds

What You'll Need
Replacement fasteners
Spirit level
A-frame ladder

When you are used to using your bamboo roll up blinds, it can be highly annoying when they suddenly stop working as they should. Following a few steps will enable you to undertake the work required for an effective repair.

Step 1 – Inspection

Examine the bamboo roll up blinds to determine the cause of the problem. Check the cords that control the blinds and raise them up and down as well as those that hold the slats together. Where the blind is so loose that it slips down of its own accord or it requires significant effort to raise and lower it, the problem will lie with the mounting roller and the mechanism that controls it.     

Step 2 – Check Slats

Initially check whether any of the slats or weave that make up the bamboo roll up blinds by rolling out the entire length of it examining it carefully. If any have become dislodged or the cords have come loose, you may find that the blinds look lopsided.

Look for chinks of light through the weave where they cannot ordinarily be seen and concentrate on this area. Rather than loosen and re-thread all of the bamboo to tighten it, use some additional twine on the loose section. Entwine it in the same manner as that which is existing and securely tie it off before cutting off any excess.

Step 3 – Controls

If the cord that controls for the bamboo roll up blinds fail to move it up or down, you will need to check and repair the point where the cord meets the roller mechanism. The fastener at the end of the roller is likely to have come loose and released the cord so that it is redundant to the blind. Tighten or replace the fastener as necessary before testing it by pulling at the cord.

Step 4 – Mounting

To check that the mountings on which the bamboo roll up blinds sit are level, climb the ladder to lay a spirit level on top of the roller to ensure that it is straight. Problems can arise when a blind is not level. Rectify this by removing the blind completely before reinstalling it, making sure that it is straight.

Step 5 – Mechanisms

If the bamboo roll up blind is loose or stiff enough to require an effort to move it, the problem will be caused by a defect with the mechanism that controls the blinds. The tension required to allow the blind to be controlled is created by a spring which can cause a problem if it is defective. Repair this by rolling it up completely and removing it from the mounting. Manually unfurl it partially before returning it to it mounting to check if this rectifies the problem.

If it does not work, it means the spring has uncoiled beyond repair and need to be replaced. This can be done by gripping the end pin of the mount with a pair of pliers to enable you to gain access to the relevant spring, replace it with an exact copy before remounting the blind.