How to Fix Bamboo Roman Shades

What You'll Need
Screwdriver or drill
Nylon cord
Plastic rings
Pair of scissors

Bamboo Roman shades are simple and neat looking window accents designed to provide a warm, casual mood and classy ambiance for your home. They can contribute to your home’s stylish look without costing too much. These shades also offer a practical way of providing protection from sunlight through filtering it, helping you save on electric bills. Bamboo Roman shades can last several years if properly maintained. Installing and repairing the shades can be stress-free, provided you are equipped with all the things you need and the proper approach. Always make it a practice to inspect your bamboo shades regularly and correct any problems immediately to avoid further deterioration. Follow the steps below to repair your bamboo Roman shades.

Step 1 – Identify the Problem

Identify which parts need repair by checking thoroughly your bamboo Roman shades.

Step 2 –Remove the Shades from the Window

Lower the shades and slide the cord until the shades are open. Using a screwdriver or drill, remove the shades from the window. You may need a ladder to do so. Once removed, place it on a clean flat surface and extend it fully. Double check and assess how you will start to fix it.

Step 3 – Remove and Replace Damaged Parts

Check bamboo shades for broken cords, rings and slats. Familiarize yourself with the different parts so it will be easy to remove and replace the said assemblies. 

In removing cords, be very cautious. You must first remove the unifier knob at the side to untie the cords and slides. Then use scissors to cut new cords with the exact length as the damaged cords. You can start to reinstate those longer cords at the bottom of the shades until you reach the top. If needed, replace them one by one with new cords. Once you are already at the last cord, pull the cord down and lead to the shade’s outer side.  Make sure that all cords are tied to the back of the shade. Front rows must be trimmed evenly. 

Check also for broken slats.  You can access through the broken slats by pulling both lift cords. Then, simply replace the broken slats with new ones. 

After replacing with it new slats, carefully change those crippled rings as well.  You can hand-sew them and position them exactly where the old rings were. After changing them, you can now put the cord-pulls and you are now ready to hang the shades back to your window. The whole process must be repeated if necessary to generate a reliable output.

Step 4Hang and Test 

You can now hang your bamboo Roman shades back to your window.  Try to test the shades by pulling it down and back several times. Make sure that everything is attached proportionately.

Regular and proper care to your bamboo roman shades is important to preserve its efficiency and performance.