How to Fix Formica Seams

What You'll Need
Replacement Formica tile
Thin-set mortar
Grout seal
Tile knife
Chisel hammer

Water damage might cause you fix Formica seams. You can repair them by replacing the damaged tile. The repair work requires some intensive manual labor, but you must remember to work carefully in order to avoid breaking or damaging good tile.

Step 1 - Remove Old Tile

At the faulty seam line, use the chisel and chisel hammer to remove the old tile. Work carefully so you do not damage the Formica tile completely. Remove the damaged tile along the seam line. You should remove enough of the tile in order to fix the seam properly, so do not be afraid to remove an entire row of tiles if necessary.

Do not throw the old tiles away. You will need them in order to match them to the replacement Formica tiles.

Step 2 - Purchase Matching Formica Tile

Take the pieces you removed to a home improvement center. You may find that you have to special order the new Formica tile if it is a discontinued or out-of-date style. If you must special order, be prepared to wait some time before you can resume your repair.

Step 3 - Install the Replacement Formica Tile

Where you removed the old tile, spread thin-set mortar with the tile knife. Do not worry too much about getting any mortar on the remaining tiles. You can clean it up after you complete the installation. Set the replacement Formica tiles into place and press down. Put even weight on the tile until it sets into place. Check the seam to make sure that the new tile is uniform to the other tiles in the row.

Step 4 - Wipe off Excess Mortar

Use a wet rag or towel to wipe away the excess thin-set mortar that oozes from the tile. Use the wet rag or towel to also clean up any of the existing tile. Allow the mortar and new replacement tiles to dry overnight.

Once the tiles have settled into place, apply one to two coats of grout sealer in order to finish the look. Check the seam again to see if the alignment is perfectly straight and uniform. If so, you have fixed the Formica seam.