How To Fix Your Garage Door How To Fix Your Garage Door

You can fix a garage door by taking care of both The door and the door opener.

Repair the Garage Door

A garage door operates on spring tension. The door moves on metal tracks on the wall powered by one or two springs. Some tips to fix garage door are:

  • check the metal tracks. If the mounting brackets are loose, tighten them. Look for dents, crimps or flat spots on the tracks. Pound them back in shape. If the tracks are badly damaged replace them.
  • align the tracks with a level
  • clean the tracks and rollers with household cleaner and wipe them dry
  • check for loose hardware and tighten them
  • check the springs and adjust the tension

Repair the Door Opener

Extension spring and torsion spring are the two types of opener.

Extension springs are normal king size springs on the left and right side of the garage door.
Torsion springs look like tightly coiled springs above the garage door.

It's difficult to replace broken springs becuase you need to remove and replace high tension springs under very high compression. It is always better to take the help of a professional.


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