How to Fix Glass Door Knobs That Squeak

What You'll Need
Penetrating oil lubricant spray

Glass door knobs tend to squeak, just as a regular door knob would. The squeek could become nerve wrecking if it persists too long without being fixed. Sometimes, the handle can have rust built up underneath, causing the squeak.
The simplest and most common method to fixing a squeaky glass door knob is to lubricate it. There are spray on penetrating oils that work perfectly.

They will suit this job in particular because they come in cans that are made to send a stream of oil right on the part that needs to be lubricated. Fixing a squeaky glass door knob will only require a little knowledge, and a few minutes of your time. There are just a couple of short steps to follow in order to fix this problem. Follow these simple steps to fix your squeaky glass door knob.

Step 1 - Check the Knob to See if It Is Loose

Jiggle the plate on the door where the knob and door meet to determine whether it is secure. If it is loose, you need to use screwdriver to tighten all of the screws. Do this until the plate for the knob is sitting evenly on the door’s surface. Doing so will ensure the squeaking is not coming from the base.
Turn the door knob from both the inside and the outside. Listen closely for any squeaking. If you can turn the door knob from both sides of the door without any squeaking, then a loose plate was probably the cause.

Step 2 - Apply Spray-On Penetrating Oil Lubricant

Apply a thin spray of penetrating oil lubricant to the seam of the door knob where the plate sits. Aim for the area where the knob turns inside of the plate mounted to the door when you grip the door to open it.

Step 3 - Make Sure the Spray-On Penetrating Oil Lubricant Is Applied Accurately and Thoroughly

Quickly turn the glass door knob back and forth to allow the lubricant to be distributed all the way to the inside of the mechanism. If the knob still persists in squeaking, apply more of the lubricant around the opening.
Aim for the area where the bolt exits the edge of the door. As you are applying the oil, keep turning the knob back and forth to allow it to fully distribute. Let it sit for a few minutes, and check again for more squeaking by turning the knob back and forth. Keep applying the penetrating oil as needed.

Step 4 - Remove the Door Knob

If the lubricant does not stop the door from squeaking, you need to remove the glass door knob. Once it is removed, lightly lubricate all of its moving parts with the oil and put it back on. Doing so should resolve the issue.