How to Fix Hot Water Dispensers

Hot water dispensers usually don't need a lot of maintenance. They can continue to work for several years without worrying about them. When things do go wrong, however, usually the problem can be taken care of easily. Most of the time the problems are caused by simple things like years of use.

Leaking Hot Water
At times water can be leaking out around the faucet. This isn't a problem that you should worry about unless the leaking is constant. There are times when hot water expands because of the pressure caused by heating it. This pressure causes the water to have to go somewhere and dripping out of the faucet alleviates that pressure. If the leaking is constant, then there is more serious problem with a valve.

If this is the case, check the valve and tighten the nuts on the valve. If this does not stop the problem, then it needs to be replaced.

Hot Water is Scalding
The temperature of the water can be elevated at times due to pressures, and through time. Usually these are set by the technician that installed it or directly from the factory. Hot water should never be set above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water Pressure is Too Low
Check to see if the valve is open all the way. This could cause the pressure to be lowered. Hard water is also a problem with many appliances and hot water dispensers. Have your water tested, or if you already know you have hard water, have a softener installed.

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